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About Urban Rationale

Urban Rationale with its numerous initiatives aims to provide a better and in-depth understanding of various urban aspects. Our organisation focuses on architecture, design and city planning with an in-house team of professionals and academicians. The idea is to create a knowledge-sharing platform which will enable people to understand their cities with a different perspective.

Here at UR, we organise various programs and events such as talk shows, debates, workshops, heritage and cultural walks, and other knowledge sharing sessions; both, online and offline. UR has a vision of connecting people to cities, facilitating them to understand the functioning, culture, style, design and life in an urban setting.

We aim to understand and analyse the logic behind what we usually see around in an Urban Landscape. We truly believe that to find solutions to present day issues and opportunities for the future, understanding the root causes and assessing them with rationality is utmost important which we facilitate.

Nikhil Kala

Nikhil is an Architect-Urban Planner by profession and the founder director of Urban Rationale. Starting his teaching career from CEPT University, he is currently associated with Pearl Academy Jaipur as an Assistant Professor. He has been organizing heritage walks in the walled city of Jaipur since last 6 years. Logical reasoning is his forte and as he calls it, analytic is his middle name.

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Sakshi Bansal

Sakshi is an Engineer Urban Planner by profession and the founder director of knowledge sharing initiative Urban Rationale. She started her career as an independent Urban Planner with IL&FS, Jaipur; currently associated as a consultant with various organisations. Managing resources is her forte and her ability to find instant solutions to situations makes her a very efficient and dependable professional.

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Gauri Goyal

Gauri is an Interior Architect and Designer, alumnus of Pearl Academy. Having worked in Mumbai and Delhi as a professional designer, she started working as an independent Interior Designer with Urban Rationale. She believes in taking the road less traveled to reach her goals. Taking every perspective into consideration, she specializes in thinking things to detail.

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Akshya Singhvi

Akshya is the principal architect at Team Architects, firm based out of Jaipur specialising in Conservation and Eco-friendly architecture. He specialises in developing and adaptive reuse of architectural heritage and is also working as a consultant to Jaipur Smart City Limited to identify the same.

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Nainil Jain

Nainil is a software developer by profession. She has been working in the field for the past 8 years. With a sharp intellect and thorough knowledge of technology and user experience designs, she has a keen interest and understanding of urban culture. Her interest in people and their nature drives her to be associated with Urban Rationale. 

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Sandeep Reddy Banda

Sandeep is an Urban Planner by profession. Starting his career as a practicing Urban Planner, currently associated with Manipal University as an Assistant Professor. Specialist in the field of housing, slum development, land use transport and public open spaces, he prefers to look at any issue from all possible perspectives. If you plan to write, he is the person you may find for a fact check.

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The Team 

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